Indiana Jones And The Quest For The Perfect Location

When Steven Spielberg remarked to Fresno Film & Entertainment Commissioner Ray Arthur that this was the first time he had ever filmed in Fresno, they were standing in front of the old control tower at Chandler Executive Airport. The long, statewide search for a small but pivotal key location had ended in Fresno with the vintage airport being chosen for inclusion in the fourth installment of the “Indy” franchise titled Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Director Spielberg was joined by writer/producer George Lucas to personally oversee the filming of the sequences last Thursday. Both Arthur’s office and the Fresno County Film Commission had been working on the project for months, “Originally this was to be a small, second unit shot at Chandler with stand-in actors instead of stars, but Chandler turned into two locations and Eagle Field in Firebaugh was perfect for a third. At that point it became a full fledged production with Steven and a cast and crew of 300,” Arthur said.

The Fresno Film & Entertainment Commission (FFEC) worked closely with Production Supervisor Mike Fantasia to promote and secure the locations, "After receiving photos of Chandler Airport from Ray it was clear that it could work. The buildings' architecture and surrounding area were great matches for the scenes we needed. Additionally, Fresno offered all the resources we required to get the job done quickly and efficiently,” Fantasia noted.

While the local media and fans were focused on catching a glimpse of Harrison Ford, Spielberg or Shia LaBeouf, for the FFEC it’s all about economic development and Arthur estimates that Indy’s Fedora generated between $185,000 to $200,000 of local revenue to the greater Fresno area.

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