Valid Disabled Placard Investigation

The State of California Department of Motor Vehicles, in partnership with the City of Fresno Parking Services Division, has assembled a joint agency task force to investigate possible misuse of Disabled Person (Handicap) Placards in the downtown area. The first task force sweep took place today and periodic checks of downtown as well as other areas of the City will be conducted.

State and local administrators receive calls on a regular basis from business owners and citizens, some of whom are disabled, concerning the large number of metered spaces that are occupied daily by people with handicap placards. In an effort to ensure maximum parking options for all disabled persons, the task force will conduct sweeps to ensure those placard users are valid and prevent illegal users from occupying spaces needed by disabled downtown visitors.

Parking at meters is free to those who possess a valid DP placard, but placard abuse unfortunately occurs often. People may “borrow” or use a placard that belongs to a disabled individual when that person is not traveling with them. Others use placards purchased through illegal means or belonging to deceased persons to abuse parking privileges. The task force realizes that not all disabilities are visible; therefore they only are requesting that drivers provide the state-required documentation as to the placard’s ownership and validity during the sweep.

City Parking Services Manager Del Estabrook stated, “The intent of this sweep is to ensure enough parking meter stalls are available for the all of our customers when they need to park downtown.”

If you are disabled and interested in obtaining a valid handicap placard, your doctor or medical provider can offer more details. You can also obtain information on how placards are issued, used and enforced on the DMV website,

For issues related to parking, contact the City of Fresno at 621-8816.

CONTACT: Public Affairs Office (559) 621-7777

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