Education Legislation AB 1403 Clears Senate Education Committee

Assembly Bill 1403, authored by Assembly member Juan Arambula, successfully made its way out of the Senate Education Committee today.

The bill works to empower district superintendents to be effective leaders with guidance from their local county superintendent to provide our most troubled districts the tools and intensive support they need to help our kids advance academically.

There are significant challenges with K-12 education throughout the Central Valley within our poorest communities that cannot be solved with well-intentioned onesize-fits-all categorical programs that originate in Sacramento and Washington.

AB 1403 is geared to reconnect the people with the public school system to ensure the very best outcomes where local folks with the most to gain or lose have a shot at solving the serious problems plaguing our schools.

Mayor Autry commented, “I want to commend the Senate Education Committee for putting the children first. Although a long road lies ahead against the status quo that is intent on keeping our educational system in the dark ages, this is the best news the children of Tulare and Fresno County have had in decades. My hope is that the Senate Appropriation Committee will respect the overwhelming support shown so far for AB 1403 and not give in to those who seek to destroy it and continue to move this legislation forward for the sake of our children.”

AB 1403 will now move on to Appropriations.

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