Zoo Will Close To Allow For “Zoo Blitz”

FRESNO , CA (January 6, 2006) – A multi-departmental workforce from the City of Fresno plan to give the Chaffee Zoo head-to-toe cleaning. Effective Monday, January 9 th, the Zoo will be closed to the public for two weeks as crews paint, pave, trim and repair.

Crews temporarily reassigned from Parks, Streets, Facilities, Community Sanitation, and even Airports will arrive at the east gate of the zoo at 7:30am Monday morning. These 100 or so workers, which include a number of county inmates and adult offenders, will be working alongside Zoo staff to begin the blitz designed to assist the Chaffee Zoo in its preparations for AZA accreditation review, scheduled for early February.

“The Zoo Blitz is a great example of City department directors and employees uniting to accomplish great things with the goal of enhancing a community asset,” commented Mayor Alan Autry. “I think the public will be pleased with the results when the Chaffee Zoo reopens in two weeks.”

At its December meeting, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo Corporation’s board agreed to close the Zoo January 9-22. Since January is the lowest month for attendance, this is the opportune time for this multi-departmental blitz as the Chaffee Zoo strives to achieve accreditation. The zoo is scheduled to reopen for the public Monday, January 23 rd.

Media is invited to cover the start of this multi-departmental effort. Please arrive at the east gate of the Zoo on Monday, January 9 th at 7:30am for orientation and information.

Andrew T. Souza , City Manager
Contact: Patti Miller, Public Affairs Officer: (559) 621-7777

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