City Suspends Cool Down Initiatives

With temperatures dropping to normal ranges for the month, the City of Fresno is suspending their Operation Cool Down services until further notice.

City buses will no longer be deployed to the unincorporated areas in Fresno County to be used as ‘mini cooling centers’. The operating hours at neighborhood Community Centers being used as Cooling Centers will go back to their normal operating schedule, free rides to Community Cooling Centers will be put on hold, and access to community swimming pools will once again charge a fee for usage.

City Management would like citizens to know that the heat related hotline 621-HEAT will still be operating for residence with questions relating to City issues and concerns.

Since Mayor Autry directed City staff to help provide citizens relief from the record breaking heat, the following services were provided and utilized by City and County residents:


Heat Related Hotline Calls (621-HEAT) 222 calls made
Cooling Center Usage at 10 centers 1,891 people accessed
Free Swimming Pools 8 pools open free of charge
Mini Cooling Centers/Transit Buses 268 people accessed
Bottled Water Distribution 600+ bottles
Free Transportation to Cooling Centers 120 free taxi trips

For more information on the results of Operation Cool Down, contact City of Fresno Public Affairs Officer, Rhonda Jorn at (559) 621-7777.

Andrew T. Souza , City Manager
Contact: Rhonda Jorn, Public Affairs Officer: (559) 621-7777

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