Airport Registers Significant Economic Impact on the Region

FRESNO , CA February 24, 2006) – In 2004, Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FYI) contributed $857 million in business revenue to the Central San Joaquin Valley according to the first ever economic impact study commissioned by the Airports Department. The study, conducted by respected aviation consultant Campbell-Hill with the assistance of the California State University-Fresno Marketing Department, measured the regional economic impacts of direct airport activities, local travel expenditures by air visitors, and supporting industries throughout the region.

“The continued growth and economic health of our City is dependent on good paying jobs and a dynamic environment that attracts and retains the best and the brightest to our community,” noted Mayor Alan Autry. “Excellent travel connectivity nationwide with reasonable air fares is a critical component in providing that environment.”

According to the study recently released, FYI reported handling over 1.1 million passengers, 30 million pounds of air cargo, and 155,000 aircraft operations (takeoffs and landings) in calendar year 2004. From those figures, FYI-related economic activity generated nearly 9,200 jobs and $270 million in payroll directly and indirectly for the region. The direct impacts of these air transportation and related activities totaled $257 million in regional revenues, $81 million in payroll earnings, and over 1,900 jobs. The majority of the impact derives from commercial airlines and other aircraft operators, which generate 804 jobs, $39 million in payroll, and $142 million in local sales. Direct investment in airport expansion generated an additional $25 million in revenues, $10 million in payroll, and 159 jobs.

The impact study also noted that a total of 278,000 visitors to the Fresno area arrived via FYI in 2004 on commercial airlines. Of that number, 81,000 were international visitors. An additional 77,000 visitors arrived on private or corporate aircraft. Combined, these visitors spent $217 million in the local economy, supporting $73 million in payroll and over 3,800 jobs. The food and beverage service industry was the top sector receiving these visitor expenditures followed by the accommodations and retail industries.

The direct and indirect economic activity attributable to the induced impacts totaled nearly 3,300 jobs, $107 million in earnings and $358 million in local sales. The weighted average multipliers indicates that for every $1 of revenues generated directly or indirectly by the Airport, an additional $0.72 of induced impacts are created in the local economy.

Eight carriers currently offer Valley passengers 48 daily departures from Fresno. Frontier Airlines began service August 31, 2005 and Mexicana Airlines is set to begin Fresno’s first international service to Mexico in April 2006. FYI is a municipally owned entity operating as a self-supporting enterprise. No City of Fresno general funds are used to operate Fresno Yosemite International or Fresno Chandler Executive Airport.

To obtain a copy of the study summary or the full study, contact Airports Marketing and Air Service Manager Patti Miller by phone at 559-621-4518, or by email at

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