Response To Fresno Bee Article

FRESNO,CA (January 4, 2005) On behalf of the City of Fresno, we wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to the families receiving recent media attention in the Fresno Bee (Sunday January 2, 2005), article entitled, “Officer’s Suicide Raises Profile of Alleged Affairs,” written by Reporter Doug Hoagland.

The City would like to address the article in detail. However, under State law the City may not publicly address personnel issues raised in the article. While the City does not interject itself into personal matters involving its employees, we are legally obligated to investigate complaints involving matters such as:

  • Allegations of sexual relations, even if consensual involving a supervisor and subordinate employees
  • Any activities that would impact employee job performance; and
  • Hostile work environment.

These matters are investigated in a fair and impartial manner, as required by law.

Additionally, any insinuation that Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer caused the death of Lieutenant Jose Moralez, is totally unfounded and appalling. The City is confident that the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department is conducting a professional and unbiased investigation regarding the tragic death of Lieutenant Jose Moralez.

In closing, the City would ask everyone to keep in mind how difficult these events have been for everyone involved, in particular the families and entire Fresno Police Department.

Daniel G. Hobbs, City Manager
Contact: Ken Shockley, Public Affairs Officer: (559) 621-7777