No Neighborhood Left Behind Begins Reshaping Fresno Neighborhoods

On Thursday June 2, 2005 at 11:30am Mayor Alan Autry, City Manager Andrew T. Souza, and Council President Mike Dages will be holding a press conference at Balch and Willow in Southeast Fresno highlighting a “No Neighborhood Left Behind” project area. Work is well underway on the first year of the “No Neighborhood Left Behind” project. City of Fresno work crews and local contractors are competing in a “Pave Off”, that will add new gutters, curbs, sidewalks, and street lights to fourteen inner city neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are divided into three contracts with similar work scheduled in each area.

The City Managers’ Office has assembled a rating committee made up of public and private individuals who will view the work of the three contractors. The committee will be rating each contractors work based upon core City employment, actual cost vs. bidding cost, customer service, timely Completion, utility coordination, and meeting required specifications. All three contractors were allowed to begin work on January 1, 2005, and are to have all work completed by January 1, 2006.

Listed Below are the assigned contracts:
Contractor Contract 1: M.J. Menefee Construction
Contractor Contract 2: Construction Development Systems
Contractor Contract 3: City of Fresno Street Maintenance Division

Contract No. 1
Bounded by Clinton, McKinley, West and Weber
Bounded by Belmont, “H” Street and Freeway 180
Bounded by Shields, Blackstone, Clinton and Maroa
Bounded by Shields, Fresno, Clinton and Freeway 41

Contract No. 2
Bounded by Katy, Cecelia and McKinley
Bounded by Willow, Adler, Kings Canyon and Huntington
Bounded by Blackstone, Maroa, Shields and Cortland
Bounded by Belmont, Tulare, Sixth and Cedar
Bounded by Belmont, Tulare, Cedar and Maple

Contract No. 3
Bounded by Church, Belgravia, Walnut and Fairview
Bounded by Cedar, Chestnut, Shields and Dakota
Bounded by Huntington, Kings Canyon, Peach and Minnewawa
Bounded by First, Millbrook, Shields and Michigan
Bounded by Belmont, Tulare, First and Sixth