New Trolley Route 5 Serves Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, CA (March 11, 2005) - The Department of Transportation/Fresno Area Express (FAX) wants to announce that an additional trolley route has been serving Downtown Fresno. Trolley Route 5 operates every 10-12 minutes, Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The cost for a one-way trip is 75¢.

Route 5 starts at Tulare and “H” Streets, and makes a continuous loop traveling on Fresno, Van Ness, Kern, Capitol, “P,” “R,” and “S” Streets. Serving destinations such as the Galleria, Fresno Convention Center, Community Hospital, City Hall, and other Downtown area restaurants during peak lunchtime hours, Trolley Route 5 offers those working, visiting, and dining in the Downtown Area the option of taking the trolley for convenience and to help improve our Valley’s air quality.

For more information, the public may call (559) 621-RIDE.

Contact: Bruce A. Rudd, (559) 621-1440

Andrew T. Souza , City Manager
Contact: Matt Otstot, Public Affairs Officer: (559) 621-7777