Rainy Weather Brings the Beginningof Leaf Season to the City of Fresno

FRESNO , CA ( November 9, 2005) – Now that fall is in full swing and rainy weather is here, the City of Fresno Community Sanitation and Solid Waste Divisions are beginning one of their busiest times of the year – leaf pick-up season.

Leaf season begins in November and lasts through February. During this time, the City needs Fresno homeowners to follow a few simple rules to keep our storm drains clear and our streets clean, safe and leaf-free.

This includes recycling leaves in your green recycling cart (no plastic bags), and knowing what day the street sweeper comes to your neighborhood. These tips, along with several others, will ensure proper storm drainage, will reduce the chance of street flooding and will help maintain a clean appearance of neighborhood streets.

It is important to recycle leaves to cut down on waste and because it is required by the State of California. Currently, the City is working to achieve a 50% diversion of solid waste away from our landfills and recycling leaves and other green waste materials can help reach that goal.

For more information please review that attached list of “do’s and don’ts” during leaf season or call the Community Sanitation Division at 621-1447. For more information on proper recycling, call the Recycling Hotline at 621-1111.

‘Tis the Season:
Street Sweeping Do’s and Don’ts

During the winter months, the focus of the City’s street sweeping efforts is leaf removal to help keep storm drains clear. Here is a list of “do’s and don’ts” to help keep our street sweepers running smoothly this season:


  • Leaves that fall into the street may be placed into your Green Cart weekly for recycling. And then once per month we will sweep up leaves during your scheduled sweeping day. (To find out when the street sweeper comes to your neighborhood, call 621-1447).
  • Be sure not to contaminate leaves in the street by sweeping any other debris that cannot be recycled.
  • Place your leaves from your yard into the Green Cart and not in the street. (No plastic bags).
  • If you need an additional container, call the Recycling Hotline at 621-1111.


  • Rake leaves or debris into the gutter.
  • Contaminate the leaves when recycling.
  • Rake leaves from the backyard to the front yard or street. Use your green cart for recycling.
  • Park vehicles on the street on your scheduled sweeping day. Keeping the roadway in front of your house free of large objects and obstructions is the best way to assist street sweeping.

For more information, contact the Community Sanitation division at 621-1447.

Andrew T. Souza , City Manager
Contact: Patti Miller, Public Affairs Officer: (559) 621-7777