Early 20th Century Farmhouse Spared From Demolition

FRESNO, CA (June 21, 2004) Crews are busy making sure a 1915 farmhouse located at 3060 W. Madison Avenue does not become history.

The farm home and tankhouse are within a planned development and were scheduled to be demolished. After several weeks of negotiation with the City's Planning and Development staff, developer Tom O'Meara graciously agreed to give the home to Fresno resident Cindy Avila. Ms. Avila fell in love with the old home when she drove by the property and has hired Bulldog Movers to relocate the house to a parcel off of Friant Road .

According to Planning Director Nick Yovino, this is a win-win situation for everyone. The developer will save the costs of demolition while the new homeowner will receive a beautiful “new” residence. The move is also a test case for the City's draft Sustainable (“Green”) Building Policies. 40 % of the nation's landfills are building materials, and the Fresno City Council recently endorsed the reuse and restoration of viable buildings whenever possible.

Bulldog Movers are currently cutting the large farmhouse into several pieces, and will also lift the tankhouse out with a crane. The pieces will then be put back together once they reach their destination off of Friant Road .

Daniel G. Hobbs, City Manager
Contact: Matt Otstot, Public Affairs Officer: (559) 621-7777