City Honored With National Safe Place Program Award

FRESNO, CA (August 5 , 2004) The National Safe Place Program has selected City of Fresno/Fresno Area Express (FAX) as the recipient of their “Outstanding Site Involvement” award. The City will formally receive this honor in Louisville , Kentucky on September 30, 2004 . The Safe Place program was started in Fresno in 1997 by the Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission Sanctuary Youth Shelter. The program provides sites for at risk youth to feel safe.

“Public safety is, without a doubt, a key service provided by any city,” said Mayor Alan Autry. “This award serves as yet another example of how Fresno continues to lead the Nation in its commitment to a quality of life for our kids.”

Fresno Area Express was the first transit agency in the country to implement the Safe Place program. Each of the City’s 100 FAX buses has been designated as a Safe Place for local youth. Any child has the option to receive a free ride to a safe location.

Since 1997, FAX buses have assisted 300 youths in getting to a shelter. That is more than any other transit property in the United States . Nationally, the Safe Place Program has spread to 42 states in 641 communities and has helped more than 65,000 youth.

Daniel G. Hobbs, City Manager
Contact: John Villeneuve, Fresno Area Express: (559) 621-1436