Chaffee Zoo Reopens Remodeled Rainforest Bridge

FRESNO, CA (July 28, 2004) The Chaffee Zoological Gardens is proud to announce the grand reopening of its newly remodeled Rainforest Bridge .

Angel Arellano will kick off the grand reopening with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:00AM on Friday, July 30, 2004. The Rainforest Bridge has been closed since last fall, when Zoo officials determined it unsafe.

The remodeling of the Rainforest Bridge was the first project put on the list to be completed with donations received from the Dollars from Angels campaign. However, the Bridge was repaired entirely from contributions made by these local contractors.

The Zoo would like to recognize those who sponsored this project: Andrzej Wojakiewicz and Edward Wojewoda (engineers who designed the bridge), Contec Hoist and Rigging (supplied the cables, rigging, and netting), AGEE Construction (built the bridge), Granville Homes (funded the project), and Councilman Mike Dages and the City of Fresno Development Department.

The Zoo has been able to fund other desperately needed repairs with the donations received from the Dollars from Angels campaign. These completed projects include:

  • A new door for the Giraffe barn
  • Resurfacing of the California Sea Lion pool
  • Treatment of eucalyptus trees
  • A new roof on the ticket booth
  • Landscaping of poles around the reptile house

Daniel G. Hobbs, City Manager
Contact: Matt Otstot, Public Affairs Officer: (559) 621-7777