Chaffee Zoo Receives Donation Of Labor

FRESNO, CA (May 11, 2004) Kroeker, Inc. is at that Chaffee Zoo, today, donating labor to replace the deteriorating landscaping poles around the reptile house. The donation of time and labor has been arranged by Councilmember Dages and Mike Muesing, Business Manager of the Laborer's International Union.

“This is the second project these two have coordinated to generate more donations of time which will save money for future upgrades at Chaffee Zoo” said Shelly Morrison, Zoo Administrator. Morrison added, “these donations continue to offer visitors to the zoo a greater family experience as the reptile house is one of a visitor's favorite attractions and upgrades make the adventure to the zoo more exciting.”

This is one of the priority projects from the Zoo's $3.0 million maintenance list that has been designated as an Angel Project.

Daniel G. Hobbs, City Manager
Contact: Shelley Morrison at the Zoo for more information: (559) 621-5716.
Contact: Matt Otstot, Public Affairs Officer: (559) 621-7777