African Cat Leaps Its Way To Chaffee Zoo

FRESNO, CA (June 24, 2004) The Chaffee Zoological Gardens received a 4 year-old male Serval cat on May 18, 2004 from the Racine Zoo in Wisconsin . The Serval cat is one of 28 species of small to medium-sized African wild cats.

Appropriately named Tamba (which means “leap” in Swahili), this slender African Savanna cat has remarkably long legs and is known to be a good climber and an excellent leaper. His coat is yellowish tan in color and is patterned by black spots, bands, and stripes. He has a small head, a rather long neck, and large, rounded ears.

Tamba has a number of different vocalizations, including snarling, growling, spitting, purring and a high-pitched cry used to call other Serval cats. He is mild-mannered and is anxiously awaiting visitors to the Chaffee Zoo.

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Daniel G. Hobbs, City Manager
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