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The City of Fresno offers customers convenient and cost efficient, trash, recycling, and green waste collection services. In this section, you’ll also find out how to recycle used motor oil and what to do with household hazardous waste and old tires. Like all California cities, the City of Fresno is working to meet State Mandate AB939 that calls for a 50% reduction in the waste sent to the landfill. Please help keep our City clean and green by making recycling a priority at home, at work and at play. 

Memorial Day Holiday Solid Waste Collection Schedule


Find out more about these and other services by exploring the different areas of the Division’s Website. If you are unable to find an answer to your question from the below links, please call the Solid Waste Management Division at 621-1452 or click here for additional contact numbers.

Information about recycling at home, at work, and at play. Includes information on household recycling and "Zero Waste. 

Household Hazardous Waste

Things to know about how to dispose of batteries, sharps, fluorescent bulbs and other hazardous items that are not allowed in the regular trash.

Used Motor oil recycling
Options and information on how and where to recycling used motor oil.

Residential Services
What goes in your blue, green, and gray carts, service days, service costs, container in view, and recycling and green waste contamination.

Container in View
Requirements for blue, green, and gray cart storage on non-service days.

You may be contaminating your recyclable materials and not even know it!

Construction & Demolition
Requirements for recycling construction and demolition waste.

Education Programs
Invite education staff to come to your classroom, business, apartment complex, or community group and teach about recycling.

Kid's Pages
Fun and Games for kids of all ages plus information everyone should know about recycling.

Additional Services
Alley Customer Services, assistance for customers with disabilities or medical conditions, Christmas tree recycling, holiday service schedule.

At Your Service
Contributions from the community, Environmental awards and employee recognition.

Service Costs 
All rates are listed under the City of Fresno Master Fee Schedule found on the Finance Department page under Public Utilities.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of the questions we hear most.