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Strong Cities, Strong communities, (SC2) is a Federal initiative and an interagency collaboration that aims to increase the capacity of local government and support the Mayor’s plans for economic development and downtown revitalization. Fresno is one of six pilot cities, along with Detroit, Michigan; New Orleans, Louisiana; Chester, Pennsylvania; Cleveland, Ohio; and Memphis, Tennessee. A Community Solutions Team (CST), which is comprised of 23 full and part-time employees from 12 federal agencies, is partnering with the Mayor’s Office in a place-based strategy to develop specific actions to advance the goals of the City . They will change the way the federal government does business by providing intensive interagency technical assistance tailored to Fresno’s needs.

SC2’s place-based model recognizes the rich assets and unique challenges of each city. Fresno faces interlocked, long-term challenges, such as high rates of unemployment, an underdeveloped infrastructure and a high concentration of poverty. Fresno was chosen as a pilot site for SC2 because of the many assets it possesses, including strong local leadership and its potential for economic growth. By working together with the city, philanthropic community and other regional partners, we will find the collaborative solutions that will allow Fresno to thrive in the 21st Century.

Under the City of Fresno’s leadership, the CST is working to help the city achieve its economic development and community revitalization vision. The federal initiative recognizes the value of the cities strategic plans to revitalize its economy and seek to build upon the City’s efforts.

The 2012 SC2 effort is organized around ten priority focus areas.  Click the 'Work Plan' link below to review those areas.

View the SC2 Fresno Work Plan


Participating Federal Agencies in Fresno include:
Environmental Protection Agency (SC 2 Team Lead)
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Transportation
Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce
Corporation for National and Community Service
White House Office of Science & Technology Policy
Department of Energy
Department of Labor
General Services Administration
Small Business Administration

SC2 Scope of Work

Downtown Revitalization & Housing
* Develop/implement the Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan & Fulton Corridor Specific Plan

Business Development
* Expand value-added food/ag businesses through development of industrial infrastructure and small business support

Economic Development
* Develop plan and funding strategy for the Public Market at the Fulton Mall

* Accelerate City's Bus Rapid Transit project and identify high capacity transit upgrades

Resource Management & Sustainability
* Identify & measure economic benefits of water conservation projects

Workforce Development & Adult Education
* Support City's Learn2Earn initiative & increase work skills and job placement

High Speed Rail
* Station area planning that emphasizes transit connectivity

Land Use Planning
* Create a develoipment assessment tool to compare costs of potential growth scenarios

Livable Communities/Housing
* Leverage existing federal funding to  better achieve revitalization goals

* Assess homelessness planning/policy initiatives to leverage/expand services

SC2 Goals

Develop "Ground Up" Solutions - Provide the City of Fresno technical assistance tailored to the City's needs and more efficiently utilize existing resources.

Remove Roadblocks - Improve the way the federal government does business by removing the roadblocks that accompany the use of federal funds and break down silos to increase direct communicastion between local government and the federal offices that can best help in Fresno's revitalization.

Develop Lasting Partnerships - Work with key local and regional stakeholders to comprehensively address local needs and provide access to experts in areas where the community is focusing its energy and investments.

For a printable SC2 fact sheet click here:  SC2 Fresno Fact Sheet