Enhance Economic Development Through Lower Energy Costs
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The City of Fresno is seeking your support of the PG&E Enhanced Economic Development rate proposal. If supported, the EED will increase economic activity, help reduce energy costs and lead to job growth and retention in the San Joaquin Valley.

The links below include basic information about the proposal as well as an important draft support letter. Please download, print and send the letter with your additions to the Public Utilities Commission (address is included) right away!

The City of Fresno is committed to Sustainable living and the effort is led by Mayor Swearengin and her ‘Sustainable Fresno’ team. Sustainable Fresno has a goal to reduce its electricity and natural gas usage by 30% to save an estimated $225 million each year in the community. Below is a list of opportunities you can take advantage of now.

City of Fresno Home Energy Tune-up
This program educates homeowners about energy savings opportunities in their homes.
Click the link above to get your tune-up scheduled.

PACE is helping commercial property owners improve their energy efficiency and save money. Click the link above to
access property-based assessment financing to reduce energy costs at your business.

Energy Watch
The Fresno Energy Watch program helps lower electricity bills to improve the bottom line for businesses. This public service program is offered by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and its partners to educate utility customers in energy efficiency and provides ways to save energy through the direct installation of energy efficient measures.

For more information contact: Joseph Oldham at (559) 621-8179