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The City of Fresno Enterprise Zone is no longer active.  The statewide program was eliminated on 12/31/2013

UPDATED 9-23-14 - Please read this important message from the Incentive Zone Manager regarding the City of Fresno's Enterprise Zone Program

To find out if your business was located in the Enterprise Zone, or one of our other incentive zones, check our Incentive Zone Address Locator .

For questions regarding the Enterprise Zone, e-mail Kelly Vaughan Trevino or call (559) 621-8426.

Click here to watch an informative video on the City of Fresno's Incentive Zones.

The City of Fresno was originally granted an Enterprise Zone designation in October 1986.  This zone expired on October 14, 2006. 

The City of Fresno received a new Enterprise Zone designation effective October 15, 2006 and was scheduled to expire in 2021.  Unfortunately, legislation passed in June, 2013 eliminated the Enterprise Zone program, effective January 1, 2014.

Businesses in the zone - from large manufacturing companies to small neighborhood restaurants - were able to significantly reduce their state income taxes by taking advantage of special California Enterprise Zone tax benefits.

Print out a Summary of Benefits to learn more about this exciting zone!


Hiring Voucher Directions (includes ALL VOUCHERING FORMS) 

*Due to the large amount of Enterprise Zone Voucher Applications submitted prior to the November 1st deadline, there is currently an extended turnaround time for processing.  We thank you for your patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

**Be aware that all former TEA designations expired on 7/8/13.  For employees hired after 7/8/13 make sure you are utilizing the most recent TEA list(s)!**

Current Enterprise Zone Information:
Enterprise Zone Map *updated January 2013!
Addresses within Enterprise Zone *updated January 2013! (guide only, please confirm all addresses with the City of Fresno or use the Incentive Zone Address Locator)
*Targeted Employment Area (TEA) Address List (effective 1/1/13 - 12/31/13)
*Targeted Employment Area (TEA) Map (effective 1/1/13 - 12/31/13)

Expired Enterprise Zone Information:
EXPIRED Enterprise Zone Map (10/15/86 - 10/14/06)
Addresses within Expired Enterprise Zone
* 2006 TEA Address List (effective 10/15/06-7/8/13)
* 2006 TEA Map (effective 10/15/06-7/8/13)
* Original TEA Address List (expired 5/6/08)

FTB Publication 1158 
Forms and Instructions - Booklet 3805Z
Summary of Benefits 
Local Tax Consultant List

*When qualifying employees as TEA Residents, please take note of the date of hire in relation to the effective date(s) of the TEA.  Be aware that from 10/15/06 - 5/8/06 and from 1/1/13 - 7/8/13 there were TWO TEA's in effect in the City of Fresno.

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