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The City of Fresno Empowerment Zone has been extended to 12/31/16!

Welcome to the Empowerment Zone's general question & answers section. If you don't find the answers to your questions, email Kelly Vaughan Trevino in the City of Fresno Economic Development Department or call (559) 621-8426.

What is the City of Fresno Empowerment Zone?
It is a Federal tax benefit program for which nearly all businesses, whether large or small, can qualify if they are located within the Zone.

How does the Empowerment Zone affect the Enterprise, HUB or Foreign Trade Zones or the GEDI Program?
It doesn't. They are designed to complement each other providing greater benefits for businesses who may be in more than one of these areas.

How do I qualify for the tax benefits?
You can qualify for the Empowerment Zone tax benefits by simply being located within the Empowerment zone boundries and hiring employees who live within the Zone.

Is there a fee or tax that must be paid in order to get the benefits?
No. There are no fees or taxes you must pay in order to take advantage of the benefits.

How long will the program last?
The City of Fresno Empowerment Zone has been extended and will now expire on December 31, 2016.

What is the first step toward taking advantage of these tax benefits?
To confirm that your business was located in the Empowerment Zone, use the Incentive Zone Address Locator. Once you (or your tax professional) are ready to file, use IRS Publication 954 to determine your benefits and the forms you need to claim them. You will use from 8844 to claim the Empowerment Zone Employment Tax Credit.

How can I learn more?
Call the Economic Development Department at (559) 621-8350 or e-mail us.

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