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Wage Credits = More Jobs

A variety of credits are available to employers for both existing employees and new hires. For example, you can earn an employment tax credit of up to $1,500 or $3,000 per year, per qualified employee.

There are three primary wage credits:

Employment Tax Credit
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Welfare to work Tax Credit

Deductions = Community Investment

Specialized deductions encourage corporations and business owners to invest in building and equipment that will help our local economy thrive. These include:

Increased Section 179 Deductions
Environmental Cleanup Deduction

Bond Financing = Partnership for Growth

Bond programs stimulate investment and provide substantial interest savings. EZ Facility BondsQualified Zone Academy Bonds

Capital Gains = Avenue for Reinvestment

Capital gains programs designed to encourage area-wide reinvestment. Nonrecognition of Gain on Sale of EZ Assets Partial Exclusion of Gain From Sale of EZ Stock

Other Incentives = Better Quality of Life

The Empowerment Zone designation qualifies participants for several additional tax credits. These include generous allowances for newly constructed or renovated rental housing targeting low-income residents of our city.

New Markets Tax Credit
Low Income Housing Tax Credit

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