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Fresno Downtown Plans
In 2010, the City Council authorized work to begin on a new planning framework for Fresno’s Downtown Neighborhoods: the Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan (DNCP) for the residential neighborhoods surrounding Downtown, the Fulton Corridor Specific Plan (FCSP) for the core of Downtown, and a Downtown Development Code (DDC) to implement those two plans. Collectively called the “Downtown Plans and Code,” they were developed by Citizen’s Advisory Committees with public input through 2012. An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was initiated to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the Downtown Plans and Code.
In 2013, work on the Downtown Plans and Code and related EIR was put on hold until the pending General Plan update was adopted in December 2014. Since a new General Plan and Master Environmental Impact Report (“MEIR”) are now in place, the planning context for the Downtown Plans and Code and related EIR has changed. In addition, the City was awarded a large federal grant to convert the Fulton Mall back into a more traditional street. In February, 2014 the City Council certified an EIR and approved the Fulton Mall Reconstruction Project that will convert the Fulton Mall into a complete street while incorporating all of the artwork and many of the features of the current mall design.


A previous Notice of Preparation for this project was issued in April of 2012. A new Notice of Preparation has been issued to provide maximum transparency and opportunity to comment given the changes in planning context described above. The comment period is from September 8 to October 8, 2015 and a Scoping Meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 5:30 in the City Council Chambers, Fresno City Hall. Please send any comments you have to City of Fresno, Development and Resource Management Department, 2600 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93721, or to Sophia Pagoulatos, Planning Manager, at

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The Downtown Plans and Code are current being revised as noted above to reflect changes in planning context since 2012. The updated plans will be posted prior to public circulation of the EIR. The previous publically released versions of the plans can be accessed in the following links:

          Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan
          Downtown Development Code

If you would like to receive official notice of any of the public meetings or the availability of documents for review related to his project, please make this request in writing or by email to the above contact.


On January 28, 2010, the City Council, with support from Mayor Ashley Swearengin, approved a contract for consulting services for preparation of the Fulton Corridor Specific Plan and the Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan.

Together the two plans encompass several distinct center city areas including the Central Business District, the Cultural Arts District, the South Stadium zone, Chinatown as well as the surrounding Lowell, Jefferson, Southwest, and Southeast neighborhoods.  The two plans represent an important opportunity to revitalize these areas, focusing on rehabilitation, aesthetics, infrastructure, incorporation of a high speed rail station, and attraction and expansion of businesses.    

This website contains a variety of information pertaining to the two plans, including details about the public involvement process and how you can help shape Downtown Fresno.  This site also offers an opportunity for the community to provide feedback and leave opinions.