DAC Achievement Awards
City of Fresno Disability Advisory Commission

The City of Fresno Disability Advisory Commission (DAC) will recognize individuals and organizations in Fresno for excellence in representing, collaborating with or serving individuals with disabilities as part of the celebration of Disability Awareness Month.

Award recipients will be selected from the following three award categories:
• Individual
• Organization
• City of Fresno Employee or Department

Award recipients will be recognized for achievement in one or more of the following areas:
• Improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities
• Advocacy for issues pertaining to individuals with disabilities
• Volunteerism that has a positive impact on individuals with disabilities
• Development of new programs or services impacting individuals with disabilities
• Customer service to individuals with disabilities that is above and beyond the standard
• Innovation or Entrepreneurship by an individual with a disability or that has a positive impact on individuals with disabilities

To make a nomination:
1. Complete the nomination form (Word Form or PDF Form)
2. Attach letters of support (minimum of two, maximum six)
3. Attach photo of nominee (optional)

Submit nominations to:

Shannon M. Mulhall
Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator
City of Fresno
2600 Fresno Street, Rm 4011
Fresno, CA, 93721

Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on August 12, 2014.
For questions or to request this application in an alternative format please contact Shannon M. Mulhall at: 559-621-8716 (v), 559-627-8721 (TTY), 559-457-1051 (FAX) or Shannon.Mulhall@fresno.gov.

Please note that because of open meeting requirements, the application information provided to the DAC will also be made available to the public on the DAC webpage at: www.fresno.gov/DAC.

Selection process
The nomination period will be open from June 1, 2014 through August 12, 2014. Current Commissioners are not eligible to nominate or be nominated for achievement awards however in the case that no nominations are received for a particular category the DAC may select award recipients at their discretion. The DAC will designate a task force to review submissions and select the top two nominees for each category. At the September regular DAC meeting commissioners will vote from the top nominees for the award recipients. Recipients will be honored in October, coinciding with Disability Awareness Month.

Previous Achievement Award Winners:
2013 DAC Achievement Award Winner
2012 DAC Achievement Award Winner
2011 DAC Achievement Award Winner
2010 DAC Achievement Award Winner
2009 DAC Achievement Award Winner