Building A Better Fresno


Mission Statement

Public works touches every citizen in the City of Fresno every day through new buildings, parking services, streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, streetlights, and median islands.


Traffic & Engineering Services
The Traffic & Engineering Services Division is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals that oversee Traffic Planning, Permits and Plan Check, Traffic Operations, GIS Mapping, Plan Check & Permit Services, Right of Way & Special Districts, Real Estate Services, UGM & Impact Fees, and Community Facilities Districts. The goal of the division is to provide traffic engineering services for the safe and efficient movement of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians both today and in the future.

Street Maintenance

The mission of the Street Maintenance Division is to provide customer service and satisfaction through high quality and cost effective maintenance of City streets, concrete repair, drainage, traffic markings, signs, trees, traffic signals and street lights.

Capital Management

The mission of the Capital Management Division is to plan, design, and construct facilities and infrastructure which supports the City's growth and modernization according to the City's Capital Improvement Program and General Plan. Capital Management is comprised of three sections: Construction Management, Design Services and Project Management.

Facilities Management Division

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