Traffic Engineering
Traffic Permits & Plan Checks Section


Traffic Permits & Plan Checks Section
Supervising Engineering Technician:
Randy Schrey

The Permits and Plan check section reviews and approves a wide range of permits and plans that relate to traffic circulation. Block Party Permits allow a residential street to be closed for such activities as large neighborhood parties or barbecues. Transportation Permits deal with wide loads and multiple numbers of trips generated. Traffic Control Plans deal with lane closures, partial road closures, and road closures with detours as they relate to street construction or special events in major streets. Signing and Striping plans, Streetlight plans and Traffic Signal plans are all submitted by a Registered Engineer to be plan checked for uniformity to local, state and federal standards. These plans deal with street construction whether for widening and improvements to existing roadways and design or new roadways.

Permits and Plan Check Section performs the following services:


The Department of Public Works, Traffic and Engineering Services Division has been downsized to core operations along with the loss of a number of personnel. Certain processes may take a little longer due to the increased work loads. Traffic requests that you allow a minimum of 48 hours for the processing of your permits. If there is an urgent situation please contact us so that we can assist you to the best of our ability.

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