Traffic Engineering
Traffic Operations Section


Traffic Operations Section

Supervising Engineering Technician: 
Randy Schrey

Traffic Operations section provides the engineering studies, traffic counts and survey information for traffic signals, stop sign installation and various other traffic control devices. The section investigates Service Requests from the public regarding curb painting, crosswalks, signs, striping, signal timing, and visibly. They then provide recommend solutions, write work orders, and respond to requesting party.

Traffic Operations Section performs the following services:

Performs Engineering and Traffic Surveys
Radar studies for setting and maintaining speed zones. Studies for new speed zones, and for every ½ mile segment of posted roadway in the City of Fresno. Radars must be shot every 5 years.

Provide Traffic counts, for left turn phasing studies, delay studies and signal timing. Maintained Mileage report. Publish the approved Priority Ranking list for the future traffic signals and left-turn phasing for future projects. See the New Traffic Signal Priority ListLeft Turn-Phasing Priority List, and Intersection Traffic Flow Improvements Priority List for future traffic signals. See Link to Fresno County of Governments for Traffic Counts within City.

Study signal warrant & stop warrant MUTCD for intersections throughout the City. This is the means to determine if intersection needs a traffic signal, 2-way or 4-way stops signs.

2011 City of Fresno Speed Ordinance.pdf
Designated Special Speed Zones

Study intersections adjacent to schools for flashing beacons for safety purposes

Service request
Investigate Service Requests from public regarding curb painting, crosswalks, signs, paint, signal timing, and visibly. Recommend solutions, write work orders and respond to requesting party. Click here to download an Investigation Request Form.

Signal Timing
Prepare signal timing for all new traffic signals, modified signals, signal coordination, and any changes needed due to changes in traffic, changes in geometrics, or temporary due to construction.

Contact 621-1492 to report signal-timing issues.

School liaison for all schools in city regarding route to school maps, safe routes to schools, curb painting, crosswalk installation, signing, school warrant studies, traffic and pedestrian safety.

Bike Routes
Work with the Bike Group to prioritize bike lanes and bike path projects thought out the City.

ruck Routes
Trucks are restricted to specific streets. These streets are posted through out the City as truck routes.

Click here to view City of Fresno, Designated Truck Routes.

Traffic Accident Data

All inquiries about traffic accident histories need to be addressed to the City of Fresno, Police Department at:
(559) 621-7000.