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Fresno, California is a city with an ever-increasing traffic congestion problem. Fresno is growing on all sides including North Fresno, Sunnyside, South of 99, along with the revitalization of Downtown. Due to the additional vehicles on the Fresno’s freeways and streets, there is a great need to operate the roadways in a more efficient manner.

In the past, the solution to traffic congestion has been to construct more freeways or highways and to widen roads. Since 1991, the federal legislation which funds highway construction recognized we cannot simply build our way out of urban congestion problems. Better management of the existing system is necessary to reduce congestion. This approach requires the gathering of traffic information, making adjustments in the traffic coordination and the dissemination of that information to the traveling public. It also means coordinating with other agencies in our area to provide a seamless transportation network.

The City of Fresno embarked on a goal to build the Traffic Operations Center and a citywide fiber network which would convert key intersections and roadways into a coordinated traffic management system. 

Fresno's Traffic Operation Center is now the location by which traffic information is gathered and disseminated in Fresno. Fresno's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) connects the Traffic Operations Center to a fiber network, connecting key Fresno arterials and expressways for efficient citywide traffic coordination.

The City’s Traffic Engineers have state-of-the-art technology to monitor, model, and coordinate traffic on some of the City’s major arterials; thereby, reducing commute times up to 18% and reducing emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC ), Nitrogen Oxide (NOX), Green House Gasses (CO2 ).

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