Intelligent Transportation Systems

Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Miles of fiber optic cable that connect to the busiest intersections are buried under the ground. Traffic Operation Center (TOC) provides a single location to manage the fiber optic cable traffic routes.

Traffic Controllers

Traffic signal timing is controlled by computerized controllers which:
Optimizes traffic for each intersection and Provides timed traffic corridors down major streets


IP Cameras

Cameras are set up at major intersections. "Real" time traffic levels help signal  coordination.

Vehicle Detectors

Vehicle sensors are embedded in the pavement or mounted above the freeway to provide: Vehicle volume, Speed, Traffic Counts, and Accurate time of traffic signals

Traffic Map

Computer generated map compiled with data is displayed by various colors for differing road conditions. This data gives a real-time picture of the current traffic speeds, construction areas, and access to view traffic cameras.

Changeable Message Sign (CMS)

Electronic message sign capable of displaying real-time traffic information. Permanent CMS signs are installed on some freeways and managed by Caltrans. Portable CMS signs are used to help manage road construction. 

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