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2010 City of Fresno Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Master Plan

Fresno Bicycle Master Plan
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Existing Conditions
Chapter 3 Relationship to Other Plans
Chapter 4 Goals / Objectives / Policies
Chapter 5 Recommended Network
Chapter 6 Education, Encouragement and Enforcement
Chapter 7 Downtown Plan
Chapter 8 Implementation
Chapter 9 Environmental Analysis
Appendices A and B - Existing Projects and Crossings
Appendix C1 - Public Workshop Boards, June 2009
Appendix C2 - The Survey
Appendix C3 - Goals and Objectives
Appendix D - Suitability Methodology and Maps
Appendix E - Planning Bicycle Trails Along Canals
Appendix F - Funding Sources
Appendix G - Veterans Blvd
Fresno Bike Map
Fresno BPAC Charter

The City of Fresno is very excited about the development and release of the 2010 Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan (BMP). We are very proud ot the community involvement to develop this master plan by people that live, work, and play in Fresno. The development process for the innovative plan took over a year and is based on a wealth of public outreach and community input through many community meetings throughout Fresno and an on-line survey with more than 1,400 responses. We feel this is one of the most progressive and comprehensive master plans and it will help transform Fresno into a more bicycle friendly community.

The future of bike riding in Fresno is very positive, however, change will not happen overnight. The majority of the transition will happen from a grass roots level with the help of many volunteers and citizens that voice their positive opinions in a productive manner and encourage others to try riding their bike again after years of driving a vehicle. We have many great bicycling destinations, from local errands to work/school trips to our World Class Parks and BMX courses to our trail system to our hundreds of miles of beautiful countryside. Positive energy will transform Fresno. We can already thank some of the volunteers for putting trails and bike lane funding into Measure C half cent sales tax, so that we can implement projects over the next 20 years. The City of Fresno has high expectations for how this Master Plan will help us as a community accomplish our goal of a bicycle friendly community designation and a more healthy, sustainable and active community.

The City of Fresno is leading the State and Nation in transforming the City into a more bicycle friendly community through the installation of new bike lanes within the last few months. “These new bike lanes are more timely than ever, in these tough economic times, as bike lanes offer people that live, work, and play in Fresno the choice in mode of transportation to their destination to save a few dollars here and there, as well as, stay fit/healthy and improve our air quality” states Former City Traffic Engineer Bryan Jones. Biking is the most affordable mode of transportation, from the end users perspective, as well as from the perspective of construction and ongoing maintenance. As the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood states, “we cannot continue to build our roadways solely for the automobile. It is not a sustainable, economical, and healthy way to move people and people in America want choices available to them on how they can get to their destination.” There is nothing like experiencing Fresno on a bike and starting your day off right on the way to work or school!

To stay connected with biking in Fresno, we encourage you to become a fan of on facebook and regularly visit on the internet. is a community hub for all things biking in Fresno!

CBS 47 coverage of our new bike lanes in Fresno!

Here's to a healthier and more active Fresno!

Creating the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trails Master Plan