Traffic Signals and Street Lights

Traffic signals are essential for safe traffic flow in the city of Fresno. It is Traffic Engineering's job to determine timing for traffic signals but it is Street Maintenance's duty to make sure the traffic signals are working. At night roadways can become hazardous without proper lighting, Street Maintenance's Street Light crews make sure that the roads in Fresno are illuminated.

The following is more information on how Street Maintenance Traffic Signal and Street Light crews provide for the city.

  • Traffic Signals:
    Street Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of not just the traffic signals in Fresno, but Clovis, parts of Fresno County, Fowler and Sanger. Crews respond to lights flashing red, signals not detecting traffic, and other signal malfunctions and are available 24 hours a day.

    When calling be prepared to give the following vital information:
    -What direction you were heading in
    -What the malfunction is (flashing red, dark, pole hit, not detecting cars, etc)
    -What time this occurred.


  • Street Lights:
    Currently, Street Maintenance does not have any crews on patrol for malfunctioning street lights, and are leaving it up to citizens to notify Street Maintenance of any problems.

    When reporting a street light problem be prepared with the following information:

    -Location of the street light
    -3 to 6 digit number facing the street about 8 feet up the street light pole
    -How the street light is malfunctioning
    -Your name and phone number in case of any questions.

    With that information, Street Maintenance Crews will be out to repair a malfunctioning street light as soon as possible. In the case of emergencies that require immediate attention crews are available 24 hours a day


  • Interference:
    Many times limbs can interfere with street lights or traffic signals. Due to the risk of accidents crews will respond as soon as possible to obstructions of traffic signals. For street lighting, a work order will be placed in and crews will trim away limbs to allow only a downward projection of light onto the street.

If you wish to report a traffic signal or street light hazard you may do so here or call the Street Maintenance office at (559) 621-1492.