Street Maintenance Division

The mission of the Street Maintenance Division is to provide customer service and satisfaction through high quality and cost effective maintenance of our city streets, concrete infrastructure, lighting and urban forestry.

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As part of our mission, the Street Maintenance Division is proud to provide the following services:

  • Road Maintenance
    Pothole patching, hazardous debris clearing from traffic, and other road conditioning maintenance is performed by the Street Maintenance Division to ensure safety.

  • Traffic Paint and Sign
    Painting of curbs, crosswalks, combo lanes, right turn pockets, most traffic related signage and other essential traffic controlling devices is handled by the Street Maintenance Division paint and sign crews.

  • Concrete Maintenance
    The Street Maintenance Division is committed to the care of the concrete infrastructure in the city by repairing damaged sidewalks, curbs and gutterways due to city tree damage. The Street Maintenance Division also installs wheel chair ramps in existing neighborhoods to give people who require them more mobility in Fresno.   

  • Traffic Signals and Street Lighting
    While the Traffic Engineering Department determines the need and placing of the city's traffic signals, the Street Maintenance Division's electricians repair and maintain traffic signals in Fresno as well as Clovis, Fowler, Sanger and certain Fresno County locations.

    Street light installation, removal and maintenance is handled by the Streets Division's Electricians in addition. Depending on funding streetlights can be installed and maintained where they are needed.

  • Median Islands and Buffers
    In keep with the beautification of Fresno, the Street Maintenance division keeps many of the median islands and buffers in the city free of weeds and trash, maintaining the image of a clean and safe city to visit and live.  

  • Street Trees
    Street Maintenance provides tree care service for the city owned street trees in Fresno. Services include: routine pruning, fallen limb pick up, and tree removal for Street Trees that are dead, dying or posing as an immedate danger. Street Trees are protected by the City of Fresno Municipal Code found here. Do check to insure any work performed on a street tree is not in violation of code. 

  • Street Sweeping
    Routine mechanical sweeping of City of Fresno residential streets are swept once per month during the day. Major streets are swept once per week during the evenings and weekends. The Downtown area is swept three times per week at nights and weekends. Our Street Sweeping program also converts to leaf sweeping during the months of November and December to help clear our gutters for better drainage during the rainy season and to help protect our water supply from contaminants.