Concrete Maintenance

As neighborhoods age, existing concrete infrastructure can feel the strain of time. Sidewalks begin raise or sink, curbs crack and break apart, and water begins to stand in the gutter. It is the Street Maintenance Division's Concrete Crews that take whole neighborhoods at a time and repair these damaged infrastructures. Each concrete call received by Street Maintenance is logged. Based on that log and other factors neighborhoods in most need are chosen to be next on repairs.  

The following, are the different ways Street Maintenance Concrete Crews service the City:
  • Sidewalk Patching
    It is policy of the Street Maintenance Division to repair locations by whole neighborhoods at a time. Until then to keep walkways safe, Street Maintenance will place down a temporary patch to keep any raise from becoming a tripping hazard.


  • Sidewalk, Curb, and Gutter Replacement:
     When concrete crews do enter a neighborhood, sidewalks, curbs and gutters are replaced as needed from one edge of a neighborhood to the other. Street Maintenance tries to work with homeowners as best as possible during renovation but during that time it may be necessary to shut water off to your sprinkler system and homeowners may need to hand water during the time of construction.


  • Curb Ramps:
    In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Fresno has begun placing curb ramps in various locations as needed to ensure those that need these ramps have mobility in the city.


To report a concrete infrastructure issue you can do so here or contact the Street Maintenance Division Office at (559) 621-1492.