Fresno Grizzlies Tickets and Skybox Policy
Under the terms of the agreement with the Fresno Grizzlies, Inc. concerning the construction and lease of the multipurpose stadium, the City of Fresno has the use of 12 season tickets and Skybox #24 to the Grizzlies regular season home games.  These tickets are considered public resources.

In compliance with Title 2, California Code of Regulations, Section 18944.1, the City of Fresno has revised its policy by adding the public purposes to be accomplished by the distribution of tickets, prohibiting the transfer of tickets by any official that are distributed to the official under the policy, and adding disclosure and reporting requirements by the City.

If you are part of a Community Group or Non-profit Organization and would like to submit your name for consideration to receive Grizzlies tickets for the 2016 baseball season, click here.

PDF Documents

Resolution No. 2009-80 - Adopting City Policy on Use of Tickets and Skybox for the Multipurpose Stadium

City of Fresno Policy on the Distribution and use of Grizzlies Tickets and Skybox for the Multipurpose Stadium

Title 2, California Code of Regulations, Division 6, §18944.1

The City of Fresno is required to post California Form 802, Tickets Provided by Agency Report, within 30 days after the distribution of tickets for each game.

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APRIL 2016
17 - Clovis North
19 - TDA Consultants Inc.
21 - Fresno Police Department
28 - On Ramps Covenant Church


MAY 2016
2 - West Care California
5 - Fresno Police Department
11 - Fresno Police Department
23 - Fresno Fire Department
24 - Every Neighborhood Partnership
25 - EPU
26 - Hands on California

JUNE 2016 
4 - Friendship Baptist Church
5 - Fresno Police Department
21 - Fresno Unified
23 - CMAC
24 - BNCP
25 - Housing


JULY 2016
4 - Mayor's Office
22 - Fresno Fire Department


18 - PARCS
26 - Fresno County Sheriff's Foundation



Inviting Community Groups and Non-profits
If you are part of a Community Group or Non-profit Organization and would like to be considered to receive Fresno Grizzlies tickets* for the 2016 regular season, please send your request in writing to:

City of Fresno
Facilities Management Division
2101 "G" Street, Building A
Fresno, CA  93706


For more information call (559) 621-1487.

*These tickets may be used for fundraising purposes.