Department of Public Works

The Engineering Services Division is comprised of six main sections:

  • GIS Mapping
  • Plan Check & Permit Services
  • Right of Way & Special Districts
  • Real Estate Services
  • UGM and Impact Fees
  • Community Facilities Districts

You can read about each section in the paragraphs below.  The Engineering Services Division also maintains the City of Fresno Standard Specifications and Standard Drawings.

The GIS Mapping Section provides the foundation for mapping which is used in all other departments within the City. This division creates Parcel Maps showing Fresno City parcels, parcel access, and streets.
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The Community Facilities Districts Section provides for the formation, implementation and management of the City's Community Facilities Maintenance Districts.The funds are utilized for the maintenance and replacement of public landscaping; and interior street features such as street lights, street signs, curbs/gutters and sidewalks within each District. 
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The Plan Check & Permit Services Section provides a variety of services including plan review, issuing Encroachment Permits, property line location assistance, Monitoring Well Permits, and providing sewer and water main line information. 
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The Real Estate Services Section deals with property acquisition and disposition of surplus properties.
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The Right of Way and Special Districts Section manages various aspects related to public right-of-way such as deed preparation, deed review, right-of- way vacation, and right-of -way encroachment, as well as, the formation of underground utility districts. 
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The UGM and Impact Fees Section is charged with the task of managing and tracking the 100+ Urban Growth Management funds for all transactions and providing reimbursements to eligible developers.
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