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Establishment and Adoption of these
City Standard Specifications

These standard specifications were established by the Director of Public Works in August of 2002 and were adopted by the City Council of Fresno as Resolution Number 70-36 on the 4th Day of March, 1970 and updated August of 2002.

How to keep these Standard Specifications up to date
A master copy of and up-to-date Standard Specifications is kept in the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division. If you doubt that a page is up to date, please check the City of Fresno website to obtain information as to the most recent issue of the Standard Specifications, you may also call us at (559) 621-8685 to obtain information as to what is the latest reprint of this page.

How to determine the history of a particular paragraph, section, or subsection of the specifications.
If you have the latest page, the contents of that page will have all the up-to-date changes. If you desire to know either what a particular part once said or the dates when it was changed, refer to the paragraph itself. All of the paragraphs were originally written in August of 2002. Any changes since that time will be dated. Should you desire to know the intermediate changes between August of 2002 and the reading of the up-to-date page, you must visit the above office and review the pages as they have been changed from time to time.

Standard Specifications

Standard Drawings
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Addendum 3
Addendum 4
Addendum 5
Addendum 6
Approved City of Fresno LED Street Light Fixtures

Water Standard Drawings (W)
Sewer Standard Drawings (S)
Electrical Standard Drawings (E)
Alternate Public Improvement Drawings (API)
Intelligent Transportation System Drawings (ITS)    
Public Works Standard Drawings (P)