Deeds of easement are submitted by private engineers and surveyors to accommodate the installation of public infrastructure that is required by development entitlements, which include, but are not limited to, new subdivisions, parcel maps, Site Plan Reviews, Rezones and Conditional Use Permits. The deeds convey public easements of several types, depending on what the requirements of the entitlement are. The various types of public easements include, but are not limited to, street, alley, sanitary sewer, water, pedestrian, and multipurpose trail. The deeds are normally prepared by private engineers and surveyors at the request of the developer and then submitted to Public Works where they are reviewed to verify that the easement areas offered agree with the associated construction plans, that the legal descriptions of the easements are mathematically correct, and that the City has been provided with sufficient signature authority to confirm that the deeds have been properly executed by the property owners.