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Leaky Acres
Leaky Acres, built in 1970 by the City of Fresno, is comprised of 26 ponds covering 225 acres, averaging 5.5 feet deep. It's purpose is to store water that is then percolated into the underground in order to recharge the groundwater supply.


As Fresno continues to grow, there is more demand on the groundwater supply. Taking out more water than is put back into an aquifer (groundwater) creates what is called an over-draft. This increases the depth to the water table and can create water quality problems with additional treatment costs. The City is forced to drill deeper water supply wells, which results in increased power costs to pump the water from the underground.

Further, as water is depleted from the underground, it is possible to cause land subsidence, a phenomena that happens over time where the surface of the land sinks because soil becomes compacted and is no longer able to hold water.

Currently most drinking water in the City is pumped from approximately 260 water wells at an approximate cost of $9 million in 2011 just for the electricity to run the pumps.

Rainfall and stream flow replace about half of the water we pump each year. Fresno holds entitlements to surface water from Millerton Lake and Pine Flat Reservoir. This water is used to replace the other half of the pumped groundwater. Once released from each reservoir, surface water is delivered through canals to flood control basins and "Leaky Acres", a cityowned intentional recharge facility.