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Safe drinking water

The Water Division manages and operates the City of Fresno’s water system.
The City delivers drinking water to about 500,000 urban residential, commercial, and industrial customers in over 114 square miles of the City, and many County Islands, within the City’s Sphere of Influence.


Our WaterFresno's primary source of water is groundwater, coming from a natural underground basin, called an aquifer. Using approximately 260 wells, the Water Division pumps approximately 125 million gallons water per day (mgd). Peak water deliveries are much higher, topping 200 mgd. In addition to groundwater, the Fresno water supply is now supplemented with water delivered directly from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to our Surface Water Treatment Facility (SWTF), which supplies about 20 million gallons of water per day.


ConservationOne of the most valuable water sources is water that is not used. Water conservation is the beneficial reduction in water use, waste, and loss. Conservation is the most economical and environmentally protective resource management tool, helping Fresno meet the many challenges of water supply management.

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Water TreatmentIn order to address various water issues and ensure the Fresno metro area has a reliable water supply through 2050, the City of Fresno invited other local water agencies to help develop the Fresno Metropolitan Water Resource Plan. The plan, which was adopted by the Fresno City Council in 1996, called for a conjunctive use program, combining groundwater, treated surface water, artificial recharge, and an enhanced water conservation program.

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