Report Leaks / Water Waste

Water Waste

To report issues related to water pipe leaks, water quality, water pressure, or to have your service temporarily shut off for a repair, Call 621-5300 OR submit a non-emergency online form (below).

To report water leaks in the street or other public right-of-way, call 621-5300 during work hours OR call 621-1100 for after hour emergencies.

Report a violation of City of Fresno watering rules or over-watering by calling the Conservation Hotline at (559) 621-5480 or clicking on the link below to fill out the online form. In order to make efficient use of limited staff, having the following information ready to provide our investigators would be very helpful:

  • Address of water waste, along with major cross streets. If you do not have an exact address, provide as much location information as possible.
  • Date and time that you observed the over-watering.
  • What you actually observed. For example:
  • Was the water running into the gutter?
  • Approximately how long had it been running?
  • Was the over-watering from irrigation, an open hose, a broken sprinkler?
  • If you have observed over-watering at this location in the past, please provide that information also.

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