Water Conservation

The City of Fresno Water Conservation Program has been actively promoting activities that lower water demand in the community since about 1981. Water conservation is the beneficial reduction in water use, waste, and loss. Conservation is the most economical and environmentally protective resource management tool available, helping Fresno meet the many challenges of water supply management.

One of the most valuable water sources is water that is not used – because the more water we use, the more water we must treat and deliver. Power costs also increase as we pump more water; and more water used means higher water and sewer rates. Everyone's conservation efforts are crucial to limiting water and wastewater rate increases.

The City of Fresno Water Conservation Program actively promotes behavior that will lower water demand in the community. Over the past five years, this has resulted in a drop in average daily water usage from 329 gallons per person per day down to less than 250 gallons per person per day!

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