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Industrial facility wastewater bills are calculated based on flows and loadings. The flows are either based on effluent values (EF) or potable water meter consumption (SP). Effluent values can be physically measured or calculated by use of production meters. Loadings are assigned based on the facility’s discharge type and by sampling information. There are currently two levels of industrial billing at which a customer may be placed.

The assignment of the level is based on the industries discharge to the sewer system. If the industry discharges only sanitary waste to the sewer system then it is placed in the Industrial Low (IL) classification. If the facility discharges process waste then it is placed in the Industrial High (IH) classification. Loadings for the IH classification are determined by the sampling of the facility’s discharge and is based on an average of the sampling conducted in the billing period. The facility’s discharge strength
is measured by its Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and its Total Suspended Solids (TSS) concentrations. The IH classification is billed based on three components, BOD, TSS and flow. Billing for Industrial Facilities is performed bimonthly by the City of Fresno. There is a minimum charge for all industrial businesses of $24.98 per month.


  • BOD charges are $0.261 per pound
  • TSS charges are $0.296 per pound
  • Flow charges are SP = $0.507 per HCF or EF = $0.559 per HCF


  • Wastewater charges are SP = $1.077 per HCF or EF = $1.185 per HCF

The difference in rates between water consumption SP and EF is based on a built in irrigation credit found in the rate structure. SP rates are less because of this built in credit.


A Pretreatment Surcharge is charged to all users for the implementation of the pretreatment program. Pretreatment Surcharges are categorized as follows:

  • PT01: All industrial high-strength and categorically regulated users @ $27.54 per month.
  • PT02: All Industrial establishments which may require pretreatment and monitoring activity @ $4.05 per month.


  • HCF = Hundred Cubic Feet
  • 1 HCF = 748 gallons
  • BOD = Biochemical Oxygen Demand (organic content)
  • TSS = Suspended Solids (particulate matter)
  • mg/L = Milligrams per Liter
  • 1 GAL = 8.34 pounds