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Welcome to the City of Fresno Utility Customer Account Inquiry

We at the City of Fresno are very pleased to present to our customers this convenient and quick way to pay your bill and access account history.

Please note: in accordance with PayCard Industry recommendations, the Online Utility Payment system will periodically be purged of all stored credit card numbers to reduce the potential for old numbers to be retained indefinitely. A purge of stored credit card numbers was performed on 9/21/2010.

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The City of Fresno ’s Click2Gov software provides up-to-date account information for water, sewer, solid waste and community sanitation. Through this secure site customers can view billing history, payment activity, and service and consumption summaries along with paying your bill. Your account number, Internet Access PIN, and an active e-mail address are all you need to access your information.


Provides our customers with real-time access to account information over the internet and allows immediate payment ability. Billing and/or payment inquiries can be addressed at the customer’s convenience.


PAYMENT HISTORY – View both applied and pending payments (payments entered but not posted) and current billing information

MAKE PAYMENTS - You may choose to enter your credit card information each time you make a payment, or if you desire you may save this information in the on-demand payment option for quick reference in the future

Please note that all stored credit card number records are periodically eliminated in accordance with Pay Card Industry Recommendations.

ACCOUNT INFORMATION – Displays current balance, last payment made, account status, (active or inactive) and current billing information

CONSUMPTION INFORMATION – Consumption history can be displayed by billing period or in graph form comparison. Current meter reading and average daily usage is also displayed.

BILLING HISTORY – View your past bills including bill date, due date, balance forward, payments and adjustments, and current charge detail. Past bills can be easily viewed and printed.


To protect your privacy, the Utility Account Inquiry System requires you to enter your account number and a personal identification number Internet Access PIN in order to gain access to the water & sewer account information. Your account number is printed on your monthly statement (see sample statement). Initially, a randomly assigned PIN number will be printed in the upper right hand corner of your monthly statement. Once you have successfully registered and entered a new PIN number, your PIN number will no longer print on your monthly statement. The web server uses 128-bit encryption standard to provide secure access for all connections. Utilities account information is retrieved from the City of Fresno's utility billing server. No sensitive information is actually stored on the web server.

Getting Started:

You are only a few clicks away from reviewing your utility account information on-line. The registration process will require you to have your utilities account number, your personal identification number Internet Access PIN, and a valid e-mail address. Your utilities account number is printed on your monthly utility statement. If you have not registered yet, then a randomly generated Internet Access PIN number will appear in the upper right hand corner of your monthly statement. Your PIN will not print on the statement once you have successfully registered and entered your own private PIN number.

Once you have your account number and PIN, you can click here to access the "Login" page. Simply key in your account number (complete with "-") and your PIN. You will be asked to enter a new PIN, confirm your new PIN, and also enter a clue to help you remember your new PIN. Note: Your PIN can be 5 - 10 positions long and can contain both letters and numbers. You will also have to enter a valid E-mail address. Once you have entered all of the requested information, press "SUBMIT". A Thank-You screen will appear and an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided.


The e-mail sent to you from "" will contain your account number, your newly defined PIN, your PIN clue, and a link that you MUST click to complete the registration process. The link will take you to the account inquiry screen and prompt you for your account number and PIN. Press "Sign-On" and a confirmation screen will be displayed to let you know you have successfully registered.