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Why wasn't sweeping completed in front of my home?
There are many reasons. Most often, it's because items such as cars, bicycles, toys, basketball hoops and refuse containers are blocking the roadway. Vehicles parked too close to each other for the sweeper to maneuver between them are another cause. Low hanging trees and shrubs can prevent sweepers from cleaning in front of your home as well.

What can you do to help street sweepers?
Keeping the roadway in front of your house free of large objects and obstructions is the best way to assist street sweeping. Large sticks, branches and pine needles can clog and jam the sweepers' operating systems.

What about sweeping up leaves?
During the winter months the focus of the City’s street sweeping efforts isleaf removal to help keep drains clear. To better assist sweepers, do not rake, blow or pile up leaves in the gutter of the street; doing so is considered illegal dumping. The sweeper cannot pick up large loads. Please place leaves from your trees in your green solid waste container.

Safety precautions near sweepers?
Be sure to keep a safe distance between you and the sweeper at all times. Try to avoid maneuvering around sweeper trucks; move off to the side of the road until you are sure it is safe to continue. Keep children a safe distance from the sweepers. Do not ride, run or play near the trucks.


What Holidays does Solid Waste Management Division recognize?
We recognize Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day, please see our holiday page for information on service changes.

What do I do with Household Hazardous Wastes?
Please visit our Household Hazardous Waste page for information. Fresno County now has an HHW facility. Call (559) 600-4259 for information and locations.

Where do I take paint?
If usable, donate the paint to a school, church or non-profit organization. If not, empty and dry paint containers can be placed in the blue recycling cart.

For more information visit paintcare.org or call (855) 724-6809 to find a location near you.

What do I do with batteries?
Batteries should be saved for a Household Hazardous Waste Event, please see our Household Hazardous Waste page for more information. Also see our Recycling Page for more information on how to recycle your batteries.

What do I do with concrete?
Small amounts can be placed in on call bins, please call (559) 621-1452 for more information.

What do I do with old tires?
Tires are recycled through Code Enforcement, please visit their website or call (559) 621-8400.

How do I report a skipped container?
Please call (559) 621-1452 to speak to a customer service clerk. Our customer service line is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM through 4:15 PM. If you are a residential customer and are calling on your service day, please wait until at least 3:00 PM to allow the route time to service your area.


What goes in what container?
Visit our Green, Gray, and Blue Cart pages for information on what goes in each cart. If you still are not sure, please call (559) 621-1452 or (559) 621-1111.

How do I report service concerns or if I did not receive service?
Please call (559) 621-1452 and speak with our Customer Service staff.

Are my containers screened correctly?
Please check our Container in View page for information in proper screening, if you still have questions please call (559) 621-1452.

What if my containers don't fit through my gate?
Please check our Container in View page for different ideas on screening your containersor call (559) 621-1452.

If got a notice of violation for contamination or container-in-view, is there a fine attached to it?
Please check our Container in View page for details for enforcement rulesor call (559) 621-1894 for more information.

What do I do if my container is stolen?
Please call (559) 621-1452 to report stolen containers and to request new ones.

What types of special services are available?
Please visit our Additional Services page for more information.

How do I start or stop service, make payments, or inquire about my bill?
Contact City of Fresno Utilities, Billing and Collectionat (559) 621-6888.

When will Operation Clean-up come to my neighborhood?
Call (559) 621-1452 for Operation Clean-up information.

What Holidays does Solid Waste recognize?
We recognize Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day, please see our holiday page for information on service changes.


What types of items are recyclable?
Please visit our Blue Cart page for information on what is recyclable in the City of Fresno. If you still have questions please call (559) 621-1111.

What plastics are recyclable?
All plastics can be recycled in The City of Fresno blue carts and bins. This includes unnumbered plastics but not Styrofoam.

Why can't Styrofoam go into the recycling bin if it has triangles on the bottom?
There is currently no market for Styrofoam, therefore it needs to be placed in the gray cart. Styrofoam "peanuts" can be taken to packaging stores such as Mailboxes Etc, The UPS Store, Pack & Ship Pros, etc...

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