City of Fresno Recycling Program

Save it for Blue. It’s up to you.

You can help keep our city clean and reduce waste by recycling. The Fresno Convention Center, the Fresno Airport, and other places you visit now have blue recycling containers thanks to a grant from the California Department of Conservation . While you’re enjoying events and local parks, please don’t throw away plastic water or juice bottles, soda cans, newspapers or cardboard. Recycle them!

Putting empty beverage containers – like water, soda, juice and sports drinks – in a blue recycle cart conserves energy and reuses natural resources. Hold on to your beverage container if there is only a trash container where you are. Take it home and put it in a blue cart.

(Please remove tops from plastics and flatten all cardboard).

What is Recyclable
Kid's Recycling Pages
Education Programs
Business & Apartment Recycling
Used Motor Oil and Filter Program
Fresno Area CFL & Battery Recyclers
Zero Waste
Fluorescent Bulb Information
Bottled Water Information
Categories of Plastics

Recycle in your local parks!! 
The City of Fresno is expanding the number of recycling containers in parks to make it easier for you to recycle.
There are currently new containers at:

Roeding Park
The Chaffee Zoo
The Regional Sports Complex
Woodward Park
Oso de Oro Park


Recycle Even More...

There are more items that can be recycled outside the City of Fresno blue cart system.  For more information about other ways to recycle, please click here to go to the Fresno County website where you can view the "Turning it around" Recycling Directory or click here to find out how to recycle shoes, eyeglasses, and more.

The "Master Gardener's of Fresno County" hold several composting classes every year, please click on the link for more information.