Mayor's Business Recycling & Zero Waste Awards Program

The City of Fresno desires to publicly recognize the commercial businesses that actively support recycling in the workplace. As the City currently strives for 50% waste reduction and "Zero Waste" in the near future, commercial businesses can greatly enhance the city’s recycling efforts.

To qualify for a Mayor’s Business Recycling Award or Zero Waste Award, any business located within the city limits of Fresno may submit an award nomination. All information supplied in the nomination will be validated through an on-site inspection, if selected as a high qualifier for the award. 

Criteria for the Mayor's Business Recycling Award:

1. Recycling Activity: Active effort demonstrated to implement recycling throughout the business. (up to 25 points)
2. Diversion Percentage: Recycling diversion percentage through cubic yard or tonnage evaluation. (Validated through hauler service records.) (up to 50 points)
3. Waste Reduction Efforts: Demonstration of effort to buy recycled content and promote waste reduction in the workplace. (up to 25 points)

Recycling Awards will be judged on the above criteria, and graded on a 100 point scale.

Criteria for the Zero Waste Award:
1. Effectively demonstrate 90% diversion or more from generated waste flow.

Mayor's Zero Waste Award
    A&M Carpet, Grundfos Pumps
Mayor's Business Recycling Award  
    American Vintage Thrift, Body del Sol Medical Spa
    Cobblestone Village Apartments, United Carpet One  
    Richard Health & Associates, De Young Properties





2009 "Zero Waste" and "Mayor's Recycling" Award Recipients

Zero Waste Award: 
E. J. Gallo Winery 
Whole Foods, Fig Garden Village
Fresno Chaffee Zoo
Individual Award:
Yvonne Enciso / Whole Foods
Clayton Eha / Whole Foods
Mayor's Business
Recycling Award:
American Vintage Thrift Inc.
COF Central Printing
Eye-Q Vision Care
Geil Enterprises
Grundfos Pumps
Kaiser Permanente
Oriental Express Downtown
Richard Heath & Associates

A special thanks to Prestige Surface Works for providing the trophies

2008 "Zero Waste" and "Mayor's Business Recycling" Award Recipients


     Zero Waste Award:
Prestige Surface Works    
E. J. Gallo Winery              

   Mayor's Business Recycling Award:
Fresno Ag Hardware     Whole Foods Market
Fresno Chaffee Zoo       United Carpet One  

Special award to Linda Nimer of Wawona Middle School
 for continued emphasis in the field of Recycling

2007 Mayor's Business Recycling Award Recipients



Apple Valley Farms
Fresno State University
Gallo Winery

Fresno Unified School District
Grundfos Pumps
Woodside Apartments

2006 Mayor's Business Recycling Award Recipients

Fiesta Foods (Grocery Store)
E & J Gallo Winery (Manufacturing)
Calaveras Materials Inc. (Construction)
Fresno County Office of Education (School/Govt.)
OK Produce (Wholesale & Distributor)
La Tapatia Tortilleria (Manufacturing)
Dan Gamel’s Health & Racquet Club (Service Industry)
Park Terrace Apartments (Apartments)

Standard Plumbing Supply (Retail)
Cali’s Frozen Custard (Restaurant)
Eye-Q Vision Care (Medical)
Cameron Park (Apartments)
Bullard Pharmacy (Retail)
Wesley United Methodist (Church)
Cynthia Merrill School of Performing Arts (School)
People’s Church (Church)