Community Sanitation Division

Three Programs Provide Services Professionally, Reliably, Respectfully, and Responsibly.

Community Sanitation’s Street Sweeping program provides mechanical sweeping of residential streets major Streets and leaf removal during the fall/ winter season. Litter Control provides removal of excess trash and debris from streets and along local freeways. Operation Clean up provides removal of bulky trash pickup to residents of the City of Fresno once a year. Together these three programs will help maintain property values, protect the health and safety of our community and help support the general welfare of the community.

About our Programs
Litter Control
The routine manual removal of trash and debris in main thoroughfares and local freeways. Litter control assists the Street Sweeping program when the mechanical sweepers cannot negotiate a turn or corner by helping to clean that particular area. Litter control provides services for downtown events and parades. Litter control partners with Hope Now for Youth to provide experience and promote good working habits for at risk youth. Litter control also leverages their resources by working with Community Service Workers to enhance the workforce.

Operation Clean Up
Operation Clean Up, one of the most popular and necessary operations in the City of Fresno, provides a way for residents to dispose of bulky items that do not normally fit into their regular garbage pick up. Operation Clean Up disposes trash and debris, green waste, electronic waste, and old appliances/ furniture in accordance of all rules and regulations of the State of California and the Federal Government.