Operation Cleanup

Our Operation Clean Up program is one of the most popular, and necessary, operations in the City of Fresno. The program was designed to provide a way for residents to dispose of items that were not taken by their regular garbage service. Once a year this program makes it’s rounds throughout the entire City of Fresno. Prior to Operation Clean Up, the biggest contender the City of Fresno faced was illegal dumping. Illegal dumping costs residents hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to clean up.

In order to minimize illegal dumping, we do not publicize the dates of the Operation Clean Up. You will receive a flier at your doorstep announcing the Clean Up at least one week before your date. If you would like to find out your date now, call 621-1447. Please provide us with your name and address.

Clean Up Instructions – the Do’s and Don’ts

Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping is the #1 complaint. We need your help in stopping this. If you see someone illegally dumping in your neighborhood, write down the following information

Year, color and make of the vehicle
Date and time
License plate number
Type of debris dumped
Description of the person(s) illegally dumping
Report this info to the Code Enforcement at 621-8400.

Please Recycle
Separate your trash into:

Yard Clipping Recycling Pile-Only include palm fronds, tree limbs, grass clippings, lumber, trees leaves, and brush.
Trash Pile- and other debris

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Mattresses and Box Springs?

Can I put out a hot tub or a spa?
Yes, as long as it is no larger than 8’ x 8’ and cut into 4' x 4' sections.

Can I put out wood fencing?
Yes, no longer than 4 ft. and stack it neatly and keep it separate from the other debris.  Anything longer than 4’ needs to be cut.

Where do I put debris piles when there are speed bumps in front of my house?
Try to find space on either side of the speed bumps, if not available than placing the debris on the speed bumps will be okay.

Where do I put debris if I have a bike lane in front of my house?
Either place debris out the night before your scheduled pick up or place debris on your parking strip.

I have an alley, can I put my debris in the alley?
No.  Please put all your debris in the street in front your home along the curb.

Can I put out a hot water heater, sink or commode?

Can I put out furniture and appliances?
Yes. Be sure to secure the door on refrigerators and freezers.

What time do I have to have my items out for pickup?
By 6:00am on your scheduled day. However, you can not place debris out earlier than 7 days prior to your scheduled day.

Can I put glass and/or sliding glass doors out for pickup?
Yes. However try to contain the glass to help reduce the residue broken glass can leave behind.

Do you accept boxes and cardboard?
Yes. However you can also dispose of them in your blue recycle container each week.

Will you accept cabinets and do they have to be disassembled?
We will take the cabinets, however we ask that you disassemble them into individual components, rather than leaving a whole section fastened together.