Answers to Commonly Asked Questions from Offenders
The Fresno Police Department is providing answers to frequently asked questions posed by sex offender registrants.

Attention - Individuals who are required to register pursuant CA Penal Code § 290 are prohibited from entering the State Megan’s Law website (CA PC 290.046(h)(2).

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When do I need to register?Following registration, when am I required to re-register?What if I’m currently not registered or in violation?Where can I live?How do I go about being removed from the PC 290 registration obligation and/or being removed from the Megan’s Law website?How do I get more specific information?
When do I need to register?  
Per CA Penal Code § 290, those mandated and required to register as a sex offender shall do so:
• Annually, on your birthday
• Being released from Jail / Prison (certain restrictions if returning to the same residence),
• Living at multiple addresses
• Whenever changing your address / residences
• Following a name change
• Whenever leaving the city of Fresno to residence in another jurisdiction
• If you are homeless, you must re-register every 30 days
* You shall register within 5 business days from any of the above circumstances*

If you reside within the city of Fresno, report for registration:

110 “M” Street, Fresno, 93721  Office – (559) 265-4923
Registration hours:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays  :  09:00am – 12:00pm

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Following registration, when am I required to re-register?  
Refer to question #1.
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What if I’m currently not registered or in violation?  
The Fresno Police Department aims at having 100% compliance when it comes to sex offender registrations.  If you are out of compliance, correct the problem as soon as possible by following the registration laws and register immediately.  If you reside in another jurisdiction, contact the responsible law enforcement agency to complete registration. 
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Where can I live?  
Unless you are on a supervised release program (e.g. parole or probation), there are currently no restrictions.  However, your supervised release program may mandate additional restrictions and you are directed to contact your assigned supervising agent.
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How do I go about being removed from the PC 290 registration obligation and/or being removed from the Megan’s Law website?  
Today, only a few sex offenders can obtain relief from lifetime registration.  Penal Code § 290.5, effective July 8, 1996, provides that even if registrants obtain a section 1203.4 dismissal and/or a certificate of rehabilitation, sex offenders must continue to register for life unless:
a. They obtain a certificate of rehabilitation pursuant to Penal Code section 4852.01,et seq. AND
1. Their offense is not listed in Penal Code § 290.5, subdivision (a), Or
2. They were convicted of misdemeanor child molest pursuant to Penal Code § 647.6 (former PC 647a), Or
3. The registrant’s underlying sex offense was either Penal Code § 288 or 288.5 (continuous sexual abuse of a child), he or she was granted probation pursuant to Penal Code § 203.066(c), and he or she has registered for a continuous period of at least ten years prior to the filing of a petition for certificate of rehabilitation (Penal Code § 4852.01 et seq.): section 290.5, subd. (c), says he or she may be relieved by a court of the duty to register.

Note that since Penal Code sections 288's and 288.5's have been barred since 1998 from obtaining a certificate of rehabilitation, this will only apply when the certificate was obtained prior to that date.


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How do I get more specific information?  
For more specific information, please contact a member of the department's PC 290 Unit at (559) 265-4923 or email.

The above questions list those most commonly asked.  However, it is the registrant’s responsibility to understand their individual registration requirements, including changes in the law that may occur after their last registration date.

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