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Traffic safety issues are taken very seriously by the Fresno Police Department. Traffic safety is a core element of the Police Department’s Mission. The Department requests people contact them immediately when they see driving occurring that is jeopardizing public safety. Under these circumstances, calling 9-1-1 is entirely appropriate. Officers will respond in an effort to locate the violator and take appropriate action.

There are also neighborhoods where a more generalized pattern of traffic problems are occurring. For example, you may live near a high school and experience a large number of cars speeding through the neighborhood when school lets out. Or you may live near an intersection that is controlled by stop signs, but is dangerous because a number of drivers  ignore the stop signs and run them. Under these circumstances, please contact the Police Department Traffic Bureau at 621-5050 to inform them of the problem. Please include as much specific information as you can. For example, include the time(s) of day or night this is occurring, the day of days of the week there is a problem, and the specific locations where you see the problem occurring. Traffic Bureau officers will be assigned as resources allow to deal with the problem.

Working together we can improve traffic safety and make the streets safer for everyone.