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Here are some tips for dealing with suspicious persons:

  1. Keep your distance. Contacting a suspicious person may jeopardize your safety.
  2. Be a good witness. Take note of hair color, facial hair, height and weight. Remember, clothing can easily be changed - often criminals will wear multiple layers of clothing so they can escape easily.
  3. Get vehicle descriptions and license plates if you can. Do not jeopardize your safety to do so.
  4. If it appears the subject is about to commit a crime, make it known to them that they are being watched. Do not approach the subject.
  5. If someone comes to your door that you are not expecting or do not know, do not open the door. Make contact through the door. Have them provide you with their I.D. and tell them that they will have to make an appointment to see you. Do not avoid answering the door. Often times criminals will knock on a door to see if someone is home before they break into a residence. Most thieves do not want to encounter a person while they are committing their crimes. These people will usually ask for someone and then say they have the wrong address when you answer.
  6. Know your neighbors. Have their phone numbers available. If you see someone suspicious, call your neighbors so they are aware of the subject.
  7. If you believe that the person is involved in criminal activity, call the police. Be prepared to give your address and the location where the suspect is standing. If you do not know the address, describe the location and where it is in relation to your address. For example “It’s the blue house two houses south from my house.” 
  8. If you are not at home when you see a suspicious person, keep your distance. This is especially true if you are on foot or alone at a location. 
  9.  Call the police 621-7000 or 911 and describe what you saw. Do this from a safe location. 
  10. If it appears the subject is committing a crime, make noise to get other people’s attention. Honk your horn or yell. This will usually cause the person to run away.